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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mallorca Island Deep Water Soling!

After England we all met up again on Mallorca Island Spain. This place is the deep water soloing (DWS) capital of the world. It's where DWS was first invented! In the photo above is the famous Es Pontas Arch. It features the worlds hardest DWS climb which was put up by Chris Sharma and goes at grade 9b.

Deep water soling is when you climb cliff faces that overhang water. You don't need a rope, you just climb it free and when you fall you land safely in the water... Sometimes.. Nakedness is an option and you have to dodge rocks in the water occasionally. It always fun when you are upside down in a cave 10m from the water surface and you have to land on your feet like a cat. Rough water smashing into the base of the cliff adds some fun into the mix also..


Speaking of nakedness.. this crazy naked lady was running a joyous cocktail at Cala Barques. You can see her in the background below.. Beric is joining in.

If you go to Mallorca ilsand Cala Barques is definetly worth visiting for DWS and swimming.

We lost Nomad again straight away that first hour in Mallorca. Turns out he had organised some strange rendezvous with a girl he met for one night in Peru, a Norwegian girl in fact named Marte.  She came to spend the week with Nomad so they were staying together somewhere away from us.

Actually, right at this point in time nomad has completely vanished again. Went spookeye good a proper. We are in Holland but nomad disappeared on a plane to Norway for the week. Highly suspicious. This is the third Nomad rendezvous with the Norwegian girl and there is another one to come in Croatia we believe.

Nomads is all washed up, his goose is cooked and he's off the market. Our odds just went up by 33% so we don't mind. Still, it makes us sick!!!

Anyway, Steve and I were staying for the first few days  with a German girl named Simone we met through Couch surfing. Simone lived right in the centre of Palma. Germany has claimed Mallorca Island we noticed. There is a huge German population there, many shops with German signs and a crazy beer drinking stripper bar. We didn't go in of course.

The old EURO park trick, gets ya everytime...

After two days we relocated to stay with a crazy cat lady lesbian in Arenal. Her name was Helana and she had 4 cats and like 10 dogs! Very impressive.

 We made good friends with an Argentinian guy called Mad dog (a.k.a Mariano)..

We also lived in a cave for a litte while, ahhhh must get shelter and a fire!!!

Following this we also stayed at a house with 6 Belgian beauty queens. It was the coolest thing that has ever happened to us, and it'll neeveeer happen again!!!

We met the girls at the beach and they invited us to their Island dream holiday cottage for a BBQ. We like BBQ's. The cottage had a kickass webber and swimming pool.




The Belgian Beauty Queens did the salad and dessert while we handled the meat cooking. We think we did Australia proud with our exceptional BBQ cooking skills. The Belgian Beauty Queens had bought some exoctic food too, on the menu:

chicken skewers
and steak


We were highly impressed with their shopping selections! The Belgian girls also had a yummy stock pile of cheese and wine..

We decided that day that we were going to Belgium, to visit it first and then live there for ever. We did visit for a few days in fact this week, more on this in a future blog!  

Below is a short video of our deep water soling (DWS). Please think of this video while you are all at work like suckers. 

Let that be a lesson.. girls will ruin your climbing adventures every time!! There would have been far more exciting footage of DWS but the planned filming day was brought to a stop early on when the mysterious Norwegian girl required a helicopter rescue (???). She had a concussion from face planting it in the water when her and Nomad jumped off some rocks together. This resulted in us swimming her to safety for a few hundred meters on a blow up sofa, not an easy job in the surf. They did some tests at the hospital and thankfully she was all ok.

Current score, Belgium 2, Norway 0. The whole day ended up being blown out of proportion we think. If it was one of us we think the medical advice to one another would have been:

"Here's your pack, go on, get out of here, march up that track to the car, I'll meet you there when I am finished climbing". Our meat head Brothers (god bless their cotton little socks) and their cronie friends get concused in football games all the time, its standard behaviour in Australia.  

Here is a link to the DWS we did in Vietnam in 2009. We love DWS and will be doing much more of it this year in Croatia and Thailand. Please note credit goes to Lee Cujes for putting the Vietnam video together. The media for the video was a group effort between us (the Three Awesome Monkeys), Lee and Sam Cujes and the J-man (Jason Piper).

Peace Out.

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