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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Monkey's in Thailand!

Well this blog is exactly a year late, but what can we do.. it was to be expected!

Thailand = lots of attractive girls. Note a large amount of them are boys unfortunately. There were plenty even on our flight into Thailand.

Patong is kind of like a big dirty sest pool. Massages, cheap crap, madness, we lived like kings. You can get anything in Patong.

Some people get more than they bargain for....

Yes it's a boy..

We Caught a death bus ride to Tonsai in Krabi. A few near head on misses and some strange stops along the way in which mass amounts of other tourists tricked into the same bus scam were switched around, encouraged to buy their shop food and then crammed into less buses.

Tonsai = dirt bag climbing heaven..

You can climb straight off the beach..

Imagine a whole heap of climbing weirdos living super cheapo in the jungle climbing all day. When the climbers aren´t climbing they are either juggling, slack lining, smoking pot, drinking mushroom shakes and chai tea, doing yoga on the beach, fire twirling or reading books in hammocks or on the pillow platforms built under the palm trees on the beach.

Poeple thought Beric was a yoga instructor and started clanning together and following him around. Suckers.

Classic dirt bag behavior:

Steve turning our sink into a toilet bowl:

Beric reverting to his primal instincts and form 

We had a reunion with the famous Gustav from Africa and his wife and son. 

American girls like Tim Tams:

Our gorgeous friend Arielle!! 

These guys were the kings of the village:

King Will!

If you ever go climbing in Tonsai, we recommend climbing 'Rolling Thunder´at generator wall. 7C+/28, involves a glorious dyno and was one of Beric's best/favorite sends for the year! Beric climbing this route features in the movie way down below.

Steve also crushed an 8a named 'Call me Helmut', also features in the movie below.  

Unfortunately we had to end the year of madness and go back to reality. We turned up at the airport looking like bums, we prepared or rather unprepared for weeks leading up to our arrival home i.e we didn't shower, wash our clothes etc for a couple of weeks..

 Our lovely families:

We celebrated with some Aussie food i.e large portions of meat. You can never have enough Steak.

Our dads rejoicing 

In summary we all walked straight back into all our jobs which we had in 2010. Beric´s boss described the concept of him taking the year off as not being an issue and being no different to him getting pregnant.

This glorious Thailand video will do the rest of the talking, Africa video to come next:

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