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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Donkey Kong Hong

Don't Go to Hong Kong

If it's one thing we've learn't this year, it's that we don't like big city's. What with pollution, loud noises, beeping, sewerage smells and excessive people. Quite simply, the standards of living arn't as good. They can all keep there filthy rat race to them selves. And another thing. Don't bother with the peak tram, it's just a view of a bunch of stupid buildings. Who cares.

Space is not taken for granted in this town. People live in Capsule tubes.

People are even used for bill boards..

We were freaking out man!


There were manya wedding occuring at any moment of the day througout the streets for some reason..

We noted that all the scafolding for the new sky scaper building projects were constructed completely out of bamboo. Metal is expensive so we guess it's a trade off between human's falling to their death and cost of materials.

 We had to do our daily work out on our beds as there was no room to be had anywehere.

We did venture downtown to an obsure climbing gym called 'Climber Land? that Steve found on the internet. We turend up at a building in the middle of an industrial area, went up an old dodgy service elavotor. We were then face with a rainbow coloured door with a combination lock. After ringing a strange Asian man, we got the code and did some indoor bouldering.

We also navigated to the top of a sky scraper to buy a Japan Rail pass. This was no simple task as all the signs where in Chinese and I was derranged:

We gotta give it to developed asia though. They're technology and train systems are far superior to the rest of the world. In Hong Kong a subway has nothing to do with trains. They are pathways under the roads which usually funnel you into extremly fancy shopping centres. There's like 4 storey department stores stashed under the ground. They have luis viton shops with huge lines of smo's standing in cue to get inside.

Some sort of Hannah shop full of clutches and shoes..

We couldn't comprehend this absurd extravagence. The smo's get around in helicopters:

You see we are bums that spend 1 hour walking around trying to find the cheapest lunch possible everyday.We found one backstreet local food place. No one spoke English which was amusing when nomad tried to order a tuna and Lettuce sandwhich. He got more than he bargained for. Two pieces of bread with some cheese.

The Townsville Port had nothing on this jungle:

We went to see the Space Museum and Science centre.

Museums were ok but the most interesting thing we saw was the redlight district. We were tooo stingy to buy beer that night so we just found a good corner, sat down and watched some dodgy deals unfolding.

We nearly got caught in one ourselves when a prostitute cornerd us into a doorstep...

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