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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.. except all the girls we met, they seem to want to follow us back to Australia.

Also our attempt to reinact the hangover movie and subsequent run in with the cops. This seems to be  recorded by the 'cops reality show camera crew' and will be aired to millions of people around the world. Beric rambling on about lots of crap such as solo climbing the casino and requesting to be tazered should feature the episode.

We were in a prime spot to do a reinactment of the Hangover also, it turns out the condo we were staying in was only a few hundred meters from Mike Tysons house which is where they actually filmed a lot of the movie. We were pretty confident that we could climb his fence..

Below are a small few photos and details of Vegas, these are merely crumbs let me assure you.

We cant reveal incriminating detail but lets just say our couch surfing host is in jail right now and the girl we went out with last night is in jail for the next 10 days.. This joyous guy we were staying with was some sort of crazy actor/body guard/model/marine soldier named Lorenzo. Thanks for having us dude!

We were left to look after the dog and condo :S yes that is a signed photo of Paris -Hilton.

The old shave your face in the carpark trick:

 The hooters flee pit:

Climbing at 'Red Rocks' Rocked!!! (haha that was a play on words). SO did the all you can eat buffets!! This guy really loved them... we counted 11 trips he did to fill up his plate before we left one night. His poor wife and son were finished eating like an hour ago. We have never encountered an eating machine like this big rig. Best we've seen! and you don't get that lightly..

Erica our lovely new couch host cranking it.
Nomad also cranking it
Beric out of the house using exercise to help get over the flu he got a few days ago. It didn't work.



**** An important note, All HAIL KINGDOM THE DOMKING, our first American black friend:

Dom is The Man! And all the girls we stayed with knew it! Check out his website the Vegas list if you ever visit Vegas  This website kicks ass, its an excellent way to get an idea of what to see and do and really maximise your holiday time.

And another thing! I'll show you MULLET Andy Beric and your Cronie friends! This is just the beginning of course, I still have to trim the top and have at least 7 months more of growing to do..


Things got crazy:

  MY SNACK PACKS!!!!! (Hail Costco)

Something random that we thought was highly crazy.. It turns out in Vegas you have to pay up to $10000 to sit at a table in a night club (disco tech). And on new years eve you pay minimum $20,000 for a table. Madness I tells ya!

Also, at the pool parties during the day its $5000 for a small table booth. Your seriously not allowed to sit down anywhere either. We weren't convinced that it was in the budget. Steve and Nomad are in the pool below, its like wheres wally, spot the monkeys..

Something to note. The Gambling Tallies so far:
  • Chris Glastonbury (AKA Nomad) has spent a total of $1 and made $33
  • Steve  (AKA the Black Python) has spent a total of $1 and made $8
  • Chris Beric (AKA Shovel) has spent a total of $1 and made $3.

We have all decided to quit while we are ahead. We aren´t really gamblers, except Nomad, we think they will ban him from all Casinos soon given his 3300% profit on the first night.

And another thing! You aint nobody unless you eat tin food in the car park like a bum, have a mullet and are dressed in a Joe dirt shirt with the sleeves cut off:

This kinda makes me sick (only joking):

The final crumb, Steve and I unleashed our pyromania childhood ways with a 4 hour drive into the desert to some dodgy firework stand. This video below sums it all up pretty well:


  1. You boys rock, Chris I thought you would like the play on words. I love the mullets! I bet you had a great time in the fireworks shop I know how you boys love your explosions. Another great blog.