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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Plan

Heres the plan see...

314 days, 19 countries, 60,000 miles, 30kg of climbing gear and three retired engineers.

On Wednesday we're outta here to live the lifestyle of bums. I hear supermarkets throw out all kinds of good expired food.

Over the last few weeks the bags were packed and unpacked, gear culled and then put back in.

Even before we began Yasi beckoned, threatening to destroy Townsville airport.

But in the end we escaped the planning cave and managed to catch our first flight down to Sydney.

Now some random words of advice we have been given:

Make sure you place a few bolts

Protect your protection

Leave nothing untouched

Stay tuned for the epic adventures to come.

The three lost monkeys


  1. I can't wait to hear more about your adventures. Have fun boys! I'll miss you Chris. Love mum xx

  2. Hi boys I can`t think of anything clever to say I am looking forward to reading more stories I am sure you will have plenty of interesting things to report. Dont forget to try the Pisco sours.Rosemary

  3. Hi Monkey Boys, sounds as if you are learning some lessons about travel the hard way. Very entertaining Blog entry for santiago. Can't wait to hear about Chevez country!! Love George & Sharon